Thursday, 14 November 2013


It's my first post in this blog!! 
Who cares anyway..

(I wish you all do care though..hahaha)

Since today is my first post, I'm going to write about a special recipe and a special knowledge..

You can try it at home if you like..

This recipe is about banana chocolate shake..
It is simple, delicious and the ingredients is easy to get..

Here is the recipe..
1 banana
240 mL of milk
2 tsp of Milo
3 Tbsp of instant oats

Well, then you blend all of them together..

But make sure to blend the oats in after you have blended the banana, milk and Milo together..

Or it will become too tiny and doesn't have the chewable feeling..

I like my oat in a chewable state instead of sticky..
It makes me feel like I'm not a sick person that need to eat something that is being blended in order for me to swallow it..
This recipe also enables a person who hates oats turns into someone that love oats..
Like me!!

Speaking of which, do you know that the calorie of 3 Tbsp of oats is equal to 1 slice of bread..
Oats also have the ability to absorb the cholesterol in our body..

Do you know that there is 2 type of cholesterol in our body??
One of them is the Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is also called the 'bad cholesterol'..

Why it is bad??
As you see from its name, it has a low density and hence, it will easily stick around in our blood vessels. 
It will accumulate in our blood vessels and become thicker each day..
Once the blood vessels is blocked, it will have difficulty to pump blood throughout your body..

By that time, you can say hi to the heart attack or stroke and say goodbye to enjoying your life to the fullest..
I scared you all, didn't I??
Hahahaha (Devil's laugh)...

The sources of LDL include fast foods, oily food, coconut milk, butter, margarine, ice cream, cake..
I just mention a few here..
It does not mean the foods above is the only source of LDL..
So be sure to avoid these foods to have a healthy heart..

Well ,it is about time I mention about the 'good' cholesterol..

Its other name is High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)..
According to its name, you can easily sees that it have a high density, which means it is a lot heavier that the LDL..

But don't be shocked..

Just because it is heavier, it doesn't mean that it is heavier in fat..
Instead it is heavier in protein..
Ever wondered why??

Have you noticed the Lipoprotein word in HDL and LDL??
Lipo represent fat while protein of course will be representing protein..
Cholesterol is made up of both fat and protein..

In HDL, protein made up of 50% of the structure, while in LDL, it only made up of only 25%..
For your information, protein is heavier than fat...
You can see it yourself even in other meats, such as chicken and beef..

Hence the difference in the density..

HDL is called the good cholesterol because it helps to carry the LDL away from your blood vessels..
In this way, your blood vessels won't be blocked..
The sources of HDL include salmon, tuna, fresh sardines, nuts, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soy-bean oil..

However, just because the HDL is the 'good' cholesterol, it does not mean that you can take it without limit..

It is still a type of fat regardless to its function to help the heart..
It will only help the heart if you take it moderately..

Excessive intake will only brings harm to you..

You can also take wholewheat and high fiber product such as vegetables as they have the ability to absorb the fat in our body. 

Long live to enjoy our life to the fullest (if you practice these)..

There is still other type of cholesterol that I haven't mention yet..
Today I just want to share about the differences between HDL and LDL..

I have babbled long enough in this blog post..

If you have any question, feel free to write in the comment section..
I will try my best to answer your question..

We shall meet again..